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Magnesium sulfate anhydrous
Alias Sulfuric acid, magnesium salt (1:1); CCRIS 8411; Tomix OT; NSC 146179; Sal Angalis; Magnesium sulfate-dried; Magnesium sulphate; Magnesium sulfate; Magnesium Sulphate Hepta; Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate
Product name Magnesium sulfate anhydrous
Molecular formula MgSO4
Molecular weight 120.36
Properties Colorless orthorhombic crystal. Specific gravity is 2.66, melting point is 1124℃ (breaks down), refractive index is 1.56. Easily soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, ethyl ether and glycerin, insoluble in acetone.
Specifications Refined product
Content % ≥ 98
Maximum impurity content (%)  
Water insoluble matter % 0.1
Chloride (Cl) 0.014
Arsenic (As) 0.0002
Aluminium (Pb)  
Reference pice (yuan/ton) 6000

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