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20 year brand precipitation,We have to trust.
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Founded in 1996, Yixing Kailida Chemical CO., LTD. is situated in Yixing city, which is a world-renowned "Capital of Ceramics" in Developed Su-Xi-Chang Region. Located in Yixing environmental protection technology industrial park, we enjoy good location and convenient transportation for we are very close to Shanghai-Yixing Expressway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, National Highway 104 and Nanjing-Hangzhou Hi-Speed Railway.

Now, we mainly produce two product series, with ...

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    • Add: 118# Lvyuanlu, ,HuangKeYuan,YiXing, China 
    • Zip code: 214205
    • Tel: +86-510-87065668
    • Contact: Xigen Shi
    • Email:sales@chinakld.com
    • Fax: +86-510-87065238
    • QQ: 190152831
    • Website: www.chinakld.com
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Add: 118# Lvyuanlu, ,HuangKeYuan,YiXing, China  Tel: +86-510-87065668  Contact: Xigen Shi(+86-13606151583)  Email: sales@chinakld.com

Zip code: 214205  Fax: +86-510-87065238

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